Agata Julia

About Me

Makeup is my passion. One of the most beautiful days of my life was the day I decided that this was what I wanted to do. To me, makeup is a way to express myself, but it is also simply fun to play with the many colours. Of course, there are some rules in makeup that are worth knowing about, but some of the rules are there to be broken! The way I see makeup changes continuously because I continue learning new things from people all of the time.

What I love most about being a make-up artist is that I am getting better after each application. Every face is different and unique in shape and colour, and each person is different too. A new client is always a challenge for me in order to fit the correct makeup to the face, but above all to the character.

I think that listening is the most important element in my work as a make-up artist, for I know from experience that a woman needs to feel beautiful in her makeup to actually look beautiful.

It can make a difference in making us look stunning, but only when we look in the mirror and feel just as stunning and comfortable in it. If I can make a woman feel this way, to me that means I have successfully performed my job. This same excitement and fulfilment is met through teaching about makeup. I always share my knowledge with passion because I continually aim for everyone to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.